One Lucky Dog

I'm one lucky dog!

I grew up in a great home with wonderful pet parents.They never beat me. I always had a warm bed, lots of love, and plenty to eat. Yup, I’ve been pretty darn lucky because I never had to scrounge for food or live in a shelter like some of my friends.

When I hear their stories, I just want to curl up under the bed and whimper.

But recently I learned that we dogs and cats aren't the only ones being kicked out of our homes to live on the streets or in shelters.

In fact, I read that there are anywhere between 550,000 to 2 million kids and young adults out there facing the same fate…and they don’t even have fur coats!

That’s why I teamed up with Daybreak, a nonprofit agency in my hometown of Dayton Ohio, that helps homeless youth.

I created Lindy & Company to open a pet treat bakery where your pet parent can buy healthy, delicious, homemade treats baked by homeless youth who are working to develop the skills they need to get a good job.

It's a very cool partnership.

My pet parents provided the capital. Daybreak provides the supervision. The kids lean how to run a bakery and store and do all sorts of other things like fill orders, design gift baskets, and even review the finances.

Yup, I think we created a unique social enterprise. Good eats for us dogs and cats, great work-readiness skills for homeless kids, and warm fuzzies for pet parents.

Everybody wins!